• Alia Ormut-Fleishman

    Alia Ormut-Fleishman

    Senior Product Designer | Formerly: WeWork, Grubhub, Etsy, Foursquare | aliaof.com

  • Mike Huang

    Mike Huang

    I’m an aspiring creator, avid gamer and eternal optimist. Currently growing on YouTube, Twitch, and more!

  • Hanna Chumakova

    Hanna Chumakova

    NYC-based User Experience Designer

  • Ryan Belisle

    Ryan Belisle

    Web Designer, UX/UI & Front-end Developer. Specialize in designing & creating websites for the Joomla! CMS Platform. EDM lover & Martial Artist.

  • Jacob Beltran

    Jacob Beltran

    Frontend Dev | Designer | Mad Scientist

  • Michael Barsky

    Michael Barsky

    Digital product designer and student at the University of Michigan. He/Him/His. Learn more about me at: https://www.mbarskydesign.com/

  • Margaret Oyindamola Ojo

    Margaret Oyindamola Ojo

    Reading and living are my means of learning. We never leave school in the end, do we?

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